Mercury Spills

If mercury spills in your school, will you be ready?

If mercury spills, it can turn into poisonous vapors that can have dangerous health effects.

If there’s been a spill at your school:
Follow these steps [PDF] to keep your students and staff safe — and to prevent mercury from spreading throughout the school.

After a spill:
Use these talking points [PDF] to help you communicate with parents and other members of the community.

Every school needs a spill kit.
Find out what you need to put together a spill kit [PDF] for your school.

Remember, it pays to be prepared.
Make sure you have easy access to local resources that can help in case of a spill — fill out this contact sheet [PDF] and post it in your school today.

For More Information
Spread the word about! Calling all students! Learn how you can help keep our school safe from #mercury at You Tube